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Proper handling of equipment prior to installation is critical to the equipment functioning as designed and intended. When installed, things such as piping supports, correct mating of flanges or connections, proper wiring, evaluation of accessibility and the installation environment, examination of seals and tags, and a host of other items should be considered for proper installation of industrial equipment.

Regional Valve is there to ensure your investments are installed correctly. Regional Valve is there for you; either using our own workforce or, in jurisdictions where special permits or licenses are required, Regional Valve can subcontract these activities and provide supervision and protect your assets through the installation process.

Professional Installation of:
• Pressure Relief Valves
• Control Valves
• Actuators and Controls
• Knife Gate Valves
• Valve Modifications
• Butterfly and Ball Valves
• Pump Protection Valves
• Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
• Specialty Valves
• Oxygen / Chlorine Cleaning

Regional Valve has years of experience installing valves, control systems and more in facilities all across the U.S.

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